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iPhone 5 will kill 3DS

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  1. I think it goes without saying that we disagree... How will iPhone 5 deliver compelling gaming experiences like Kid Icarus Uprising, Super Mario 3D Land, or Pikmin 3? I expect iPhone 5 will only be incrementally better than its predecessors, which could only ever deliver the sort of gaming experiences that are fun, cheap, and fleeting.

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  2. @Matt yes I also disagree. That said, I still think the value of games is going down down down. People grow older and have less time for games, they also want to spend their money on other stuff. The hardcore keep buying consoles but it seems they are becoming smaller in number...

    The iPhone 5 - can't see it'll be a super massive improvement as far as gaming goes. It really depends on the right developers making the right silly little addictive games that people love so much.

    I now own an iPad 2, and unless I'm missing something it doesn't offer a 'compelling gaming experience'. I picked up Final Fantasy III since I don't have it on DS (and it was cheaper) but that's about it. The device is great for watching videos on the go and browsing the web on my couch when I'm too lazy to walk to my room but it's certainly no gaming powerhouse.

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    • Tue October 20, 2020
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