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Apparently it sucks?


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  1. Can't help but notice that Xenogears is this site's most hated game. It never came out in PAL territories, and I've never played it. Is it really that bad? It's got a 91% on Metacritic, so I didn't think it was a bad title...anyone who hates it care to discuss? I'm just interested, that's all.

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  2. @Alex My guess is it's the most hated because one person hates it. the data just isn't in yet.

    Anyway, I'm the hater, and to answer your question, it isn't a bad game; I just didn't get it. The story is really complex, and the game came across as more of an anime in that it was a bit melodramatic and hackneyed. You might like it. There was never a PSN release over there?

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  3. @Matt hmm, melodramatic and hackneyed...I'll give it a go one day. Nah it's not out here, seems Square Enix still doesn't want to release titles in PAL territories. Chrono Cross and the PSOne version of Chrono Trigger aren't up here either. That didn't stop me purchasing them though, so I might look into Xenogears.

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  4. @Matt
    Xenogears ruled my life as a teen. It still resides in the nether-regions of my heart; but upon playing it again as a grown-ass adult there are quite a few tropisms and cliches that are just cringe-worthy.
    The fighting system was probably the best part. I mean, mecha? In my RPG? Yes plz.
    The story was good... Till the second disc and then nothing really made sense and the cutscenes were brutally boring.
    A cultclassic in every sense of the word; if you didn't play it an love it when it came out chances are you won't now. You could better spend your time playing any of the amazing JRPGS that are out now.
    I suggest Xenoblade Chronicles(no relation) for the Wii. Worth buying a Wii for. Has the same surprisingly dark tone in story as Xenogears had and while still retaining some of the anime-esque features of a JRPG it really cements itself as one of the best RPGS for the Wii. Quite stellar in execution.
    I am 80 something hours in and only half thru the plotline.
    It rewards you not by grinding but by exploring and interacting with the NPCs in the environment, doing your basic pseudo-MMORPG quests of fetching this, killing that, collecting those... But coupled with a great fast travel option it really never feels like that much of a grind.
    I'd give Xenogears a 7.7 out of 10 and Xenoblade a 9.6 out of 10.

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  5. @Remy the Wroth Wow those scores aren't even arbitrary at all!

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  6. @Matt
    lol As I was writing them I was actually thinking the exact same thing.

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