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Response Poetry


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  1. Catholic school girls all but babies
    selling at yer porch all the delicous cookies
    you laugh at them, emotionally dumb
    as they pull out a magnum,
    twenty iches long
    the hole in yer chest, as you watch
    and bleed to death
    the blood fill their shoes!

    fucking school girls, mang.

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  2. thumbs and toes and hooves and shoes
    and paper with hats on a schoolgirl cruise
    and giraffes and monkeys and five kangaroos
    and some really bad covers of late 40s blues
    and about ten shots of bonita's cheapest booze
    and underpants stews and underpants stews!!
    i found some vapid tissue paper with matching hues

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  3. Inner blues are exposed to air
    and as cadmiums they drop.
    His flesh writhes, his heart is singing,
    his voice explodes before the silence.

    My work here is done.

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  4. I kill bitches in the Morning
    I kill bitches in the Evening
    I kill bitches at supper-time.
    If you need bitches to be a kill't
    I'll kill bitches for ya anytime!

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