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Grandia III


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  1. Anybody played it/recomend it? I loved the first one, thought the second one lame, and I'm just HOPING this game is at least good!!!

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  2. No idea, but the music sucks.

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  3. i liked some of the music but the theme song sucked really bad.
    The game is like A++ amazing .. the characters communicate alot. theres always so action happening.. story is also rather good.

    But around the secound disk the game just falls apart. characters get all drama like and stop comunicateing .. the story falls apart. Even the area around you gets kinda bland.. its a good game but i would wait for the price drop.

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  4. Thank you Nataru and Rahul; thank you I will remember to have some Tom Waits in my headphones when I play it.

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