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A Survival Horror game for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and Personal Computer by VectorCell

Amy box art

December 2034, Silver City, United States. Global Warming has taken effect causing natural disasters and diseases to spread. A comet has crashed onto the planet causing mayhem. Enter the scientist Lana, who awakens to to a cocktail of violence, wreckage and death. Most of the people she knew are now part of a wild horde and her instincts kick in - she must escape. She meets Amy, an eight-year-old autistic girl with strange powers. Lana and Amy embark on a harrowing journey through infected humans and vile creatures to survive.

Amy is a survival horror game which attempts to put a new spin on the conventional gameplay. Both Lana and Amy are fairly weak characters, and only together are they able to survive. The virus not only affects humans but also plants and animals - and Lana also becomes infected if she breathes in infected zones. By staying close to Amy (who for unknown reasons is not only infected but can cure her) or by taking doses of medicine the player is able to keep Lana from fully degenerating. Much of the gameplay revolves around the cooperative efforts of the charcters; Amy is able to get through small passageways, use her powers or perform actions from afar. Lana in turn protects and hides the girl - the game calls for a stealth element more often than a fight.

News & Blogs

Amy - A Big Fat Hunk of Dog Shit Pretending to be a Game

pooI was super pumped about Amy - it had an interesting look and concept behind it. Surivial horror that's more about surviving than killing hordes of zombies? Count me in. I loved the Silent Hill series and this game me similar feelings to those titles; a creepy atmosphere, a real sense of dread and a strong feeling of being alone (well nearly). The game also has an autistic girl who has strange powers - you have to work together to solve puzzles, hide and struggle on. The problem is it's a piece of dog shit. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. Read on

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