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Bakusou! Yankee Tamashii

A MMORPG game by Square Enix

Bakusou! Yankee Tamashii box art

Bakusou, Yankee Tamashii is the world's very first online biker gang RPG.

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News & Blogs

Bakusou! Yankee Tamashii creator developing DS/PSP title

thinkArts, the amazing creator of Square Enix biker gang MMORPG Bakusou! Yankee Tamashii, is working on a simulation title for Nintendo DS and PSP, reports Gamefront. The game will be released for both platforms in 2005. I hope it's a biker gang simulation. Imagine the amazing stylus and dual screen control!1

  1. Gamefront

What is certainly a sad day for all online gaming delinquent biker gang deviants, Square Enix has decided that the Bakusou, Yankee Tamashii servers will be shut down on December 28. Though Square Enix offered the game's client software as a free download from its original launch date last year, it seems to have lured few players -- not enough to maintain steady interest in the game, at any rate.1


"Proving that the Square Enix partnership isn't just about exploiting powerful franchises, the newly-formed company today announced the world's first massively-multiplayer online biker gang RPG for the PC, as reported by Impress Game Watch. Entitled Bakusou! Yankee Tamashii, something about burning wheels and "Yankee Souls," it lets players design their own biker-thug alter ego and roam the streets of Tokyo."1


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