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Brütal Legend

A Heavy Metal Action game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 by Double Fine Productions

Brütal Legend box art

Heavy metal roadie Eddie Riggs is hurled back in time to a mythical Age of Metal, a time when the the high-voltage power of Rock reigned supreme. Armed merely with broadaxe, guitar, and big block V8, you set off on an epic quest to assemble an army of headbangers, hotrods, barbarians, demonic dominatrices, and the undead, carving your name forever into the Brütal Legend.

The brainchild of designer Tim Schafer, Brütal Legend is full of the quirkiness and humor of Schafer's previous game, Psychonauts. It promises much for heavy metal fans, including allusions to metal lore, characters voiced by metal legends Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford, and Ozzy Osbourne, and a soundtrack featuring brand new music from Zakk Wylde, Tim Skold, Wolfmother, Judas Priest, and Ronnie James Dio.

A previous incarnation of Eddie Riggs

A previous incarnation of Eddie Riggs

The character design for the main character, Eddie Riggs, resembles the rotund features of his voiced counterpart, Jack Black. However, concept artwork shows that the character originally featured strong resemblances to Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister. It was only after Black was cast into the role of Eddie Riggs that they redesigned the character to his current looks.

Both Jack Black and Ozzy Osbourne frequently injected profanity into their scripted lines during recording sessions. Instead of rerecording these, the development left these in the game, but included the option for a profanity content filter to be enabled by the player to "bleep" out these words and mask such word on screen using the Parents Music Resource Center "Parental Advisory" label, an icon that Schafer considered to be part of the history of heavy metal.1

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Box Art

Brütal Legend
PlayStation 3
Release date
13 Oct 2009
Brütal Legend box art for PlayStation 3
Brütal Legend
Xbox 360
Release date
13 Oct 2009
Brütal Legend box art for Xbox 360

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