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A Platform game for Xbox Live Arcade and PC by Number None

Braid box art

Off in the distance, Tim saw a castle where the flags flutter even when the wind has expired, and the bread in the kitchen is always warm. A little bit of magic.

Braid is a platform game in a painterly style where you manipulate the flow of time to solve puzzles.

  • Braid has been widely acclaimed as an indie miracle. It won the "Innovation in Game Design" award at the Independent Games Festival in 2006.
  • Braid was featured in the Humble Indie Bundle (both the second and third package), a compilation of several indie games in which proceeds go to charity.
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Film critic Roger Ebert still believes "video games can never be art"

BlogPopular film critic Roger Ebert (who writes for the Chicago Sun-Times) is standing by his previous argument that "video games can never be art".

He refers to a talk by Kellee Santiago (video game designer, producer and President & Co-Founder of thatgamecompany1) who made various points against Ebert's claim. His core argument is:

No one in or out of the field has ever been able to cite a game worthy of comparison with the great poets, filmmakers, novelists and poets.

Read on

What do you get when you combine Plok! with Braid and Super Mario Galaxy?


I've been playing around with an iPhone for my job (as a user interface designer) and in the process been discovering a lot of great apps and games on the App Store. One of those, which coincidentally was only just released last week, is Soosiz, a pretty cute little platformer that takes the best parts of Super Mario Galaxy's innovative planetoid-based platforming and combines it with an artistic direction that feels like a blend between Plok! and Braid.

The game was seemingly developed by two Finnish brothers and scored by some dude whose music they found available with a Creative Commons license - equally reminiscent of the path Jonathan Blow's shoestring music direction strategy took.

I won't talk too much about how it plays right now - I'm only at world 2, having played about 3 minutes at work - but once I get a little deeper into it I'll make an attempt at a review. For now though, I'm at least pleasantly surprised by its superficial qualities.

If you have an iPhone, check it out! One of the best things about the App Store is that anything that costs anything probably only costs $2, and who doesn't have $2 to check out something as quirky as a Mario-Braid-Plok crossover?

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