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A Rainbow Adventure game for Wii by skip Ltd.

Captain★Rainbow box art

Captain★Rainbow is the yo-yo wielding alter-ego of Nick, a geek who likes loud, flower-themed clothing. However, for some reason (it's a mystery to everyone), he's just not as popular with the kiddy set, and his TV show's ratings are in the crapper. So, perhaps to remedy this, he sets out for Mimin Island, a place where tales say that one's wishes come true... and, those legends are true. Sort of. See, as it turns out, it's Captain Rainbow who has to fulfill the wishes of the island residents. Pretty sneaky, huh? So from there, while specifics aren't yet revealed, you and the Captain make it happen by trekking around the island and engaging in Viewtiful Joe-ish 2.5D fighting segments while trying to help the islanders. Ah, yes, the islanders... remember the Island of Misfit Toys in that old Christmas special? Well, welcome to the Island of Misfit Video Game Characters: Obscure folk from past Nintendo games take up residence here, such as the more humanized Mario from the original NES Golf to Birdo, who's been tossed in jail-- make your own jokes as to why.1

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Box Art

Captain Rainbow
Release date
28 2008
Captain Rainbow box art for Wii
Created 10 years, 10 months ago by Matt | Edited 9 years, 8 months ago | 2027 views
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