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An Action RPG game for PlayStation 2 by Cavia and Square Enix

Drakengard box art

A mortal Goddess governs the three seals of the world, and it is said that she, the fourth seal, will one day bring salvation unto all mankind. A war has started between the Empire, who obviously wish to conquer the world, and the Union, who try to protect the Goddess' life. Sprawling armies, golems, swords, magic, and dragons lie in wait for protagonist Caim in this dark and mature fairytale.

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Box Art

Drag-On Dragoon
PlayStation 2
Release date
Drag-On Dragoon box art for PlayStation 2
PlayStation 2
Release date
Drakengard box art for PlayStation 2

News & Blogs

In a press release published on TelecomPaper today, Square Enix announced its intentions of working with Vodafone within Europe to publish three titles for its Vodafone Live! service in the near future. Two of the titles, Aleste and Actraiser (Enix titles released on the SNES and Genesis) will be out this month in Germany, ahead of releases elsewhere in Europe. The third, a mobile phone adaptation of PS2 action adventure Drakengard, will follow shortly after.1

  1. Gamefront

Take-Two to publish Drakengard in Europe and Australia

Take-Two Interactive has announced that it will publish Drakengard in PAL territories on May 21. "We are optimistic about the opportunity to distribute, market, and support Square Enix titles in Europe and Australia." stated Gary Lewis, President, Take-Two Europe. When told that the title will be Drakengard, however, Lewis remarked "Well fuck, my optimism just went down the shitter."

Blog"Alice Regina Pike, 35, was arrested when she tried to use the bill to purchase $1,675 worth of merchandise at Wal-Mart in Covington, GA... She faces forgery charges. The U.S. Treasury does not make $1 million bills, but similar-looking currency is sold in some souvenir shops."

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