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Etrian Odyssey

A Dungeon Crawler/RPG for Nintendo DS by Atlus in the Etrian Odyssey series

Etrian Odyssey box art

In a vast and fertile land lies a small town known as Etria, a peaceful village that became famous for a startling discovery. A crack opened in the vast forest at Etria's edge, leading downward like a gaping maw. It all began there... Those who hear rumors of the labyrinth of Etria, whether young or old, begin to harbor dreams of exploring it. Riches... fame... prestige... all this and one more thing does the labyrinth promise: the true spirit of adventure on the perilous edge of death. Today, like any other day in the new Etria, a youth walks through the town gates...

Categories & Concepts

Box Art

Yggdrasil Labyrinth (World Tree Labyrinth)
Nintendo DS
Release date
18 2007
Yggdrasil Labyrinth (World Tree Labyrinth) box art for Nintendo DS
Etrian Odyssey
Nintendo DS
Release date
15 2007
Etrian Odyssey box art for Nintendo DS

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