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Final Fantasy

An RPG for NES by Square in the Final Fantasy series

Final Fantasy box art

Four young Light Warriors, each clasping an orb in their hand, glowing with the power of the world, are about to embark on a journey that would begin something monumental...


Final Fantasy was developed during Square's brush with bankruptcy in 1987, and in a display of gallows humour, director Hironobu Sakaguchi declared that his "final" game would be a "fantasy" role-playing game; hence the title.1

Categories & Concepts
  1. Wikipedia: "Final Fantasy" (Development)

Box Art

Final Fantasy
Release date
18 Dec 1987
Final Fantasy box art for NES
Fianl Fantasy
Release date
12 1990
Fianl Fantasy box art for NES
Final Fantasy
Release date
31 Oct 2002
Final Fantasy box art for PlayStation

News & Blogs

Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Origins rated by ESRB on PSN

Both Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Origins (which was a PlayStation release of both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II) have both been rated by the ESRB12.

It would appear both Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Origins will be coming to the PlayStation Network as PSOne classics (for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable). Both titles have already been released on the PSN in Japan on July 6 and June 24 respectively. Read on

  1. [source= ESRB - Chrono Cross

  2. [source= ESRB - Final Fantasy Origins

Final Fantasy I & II ported to Game Boy Advance

According to Shonen Jump, Square will be releasing a Game Boy Advance port of the revised versions of Final Fantasy I & II, released last year as Final Fantasy Origins. Final Fantasy I & II will have a few extras, including an extra dungeon in I and a new story sequence in II. While the title will have a Japanese release of July, there is no word yet on an international release.1


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