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Final Fantasy III

An RPG for Famicom by Square in the Final Fantasy series

Final Fantasy III box art

Four orphaned youths discover a powerful crystal which grants them power and instructs them to restore balance to the world. Shocked but heartened, the four inform their adoptive family of their mission and set out to explore and bring back equilibrium.

Nintendo DS Remake

In 2006, Square Enix released a major remake of Final Fantasy III for Nintendo's DS handheld. Hiromichi Tanaka, designer of the original Famicom game, directed and produced the remake. Final Fantasy III had never been previously released outside Japan.

Box Art

Final Fantasy III
Release date
27 1990
Final Fantasy III box art for NES

News & Blogs

Final Fantasy III special edition DS on the way

Clearly not content with one demonic pact, Square Enix has joined forces with Nintendo to create a "Final Fantasy III Crystal Edition" bundle featuring a very special Nintendo DS Lite decorated with Final Fantasy III character artwork. However, this special edition DS is releasing in limited units, and only in Japan, so order yours today for a mere 22,780 yen ($198 USD). Or you will die. Final Fantasy III releases in Japan August 24th.

Final Fantasy III DS "e-mail" feature revealed

Long rumored to take advantage of the WiFi capabilities of the DS, Final Fantasy III is now set to include an "e-mail" feature. "Players will be able to send letters to their friends who also own copies of the game, and they'll be able to reply back. Doing this will also trigger special events that take place within the game." Woopidy-fucking-doo.1

  1. Club Skill

Tanaka discusses Final Fantasy III

In a recent issue, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu interviewed the executive producer of the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy III, Hiromichi Tanaka. Tanaka, who had been on staff for the original title, said that he wished for the upcoming remake to have the novelty of the original NES classic. To achieve this end, FFIII will receive an overhaul, which will include a graphical move into the third dimension, attribution of actual personalities to the previously faceless main characters, as well as tweaking of the gameplay to allow for better usability of certain classes. In addition, Tanaka will make use of the DS itself by allowing the entire title to be played with the touch screen and include the DS's wireless connectivity for certain side bonuses. Final Fantasy III does not yet have a Japanese or North American release date, but by all indications Square Enix intends to put the title through to launch.

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