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Front Mission 5

A Strategy game for PlayStation 2 by Square Enix in the Front Mission series

Front Mission 5 box art

The scars of war mark the face of Walter Feng, a wanzer pilot stationed on a Huffman Island military base belonging to the United States of the New Continent... but Walter's military duties come into conflict with his childhood memories when he encounters his friend Glen on the battlefield on the opposing side of the Oceanic Community Union.

Front Mission 5: Scars of the War takes place over thirty years, and includes familiar faces from the history of the Front Mission series, including cameos by Roid Clive, Ash Faruk, Earl McCoy, and Darril Traubel. Produced by series visionary Toshiro Tsuchida, Scars of the War aims to encapsulate the history of the series in a single streamlined narrative.

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Box Art

Front Mission 5
PlayStation 2
Release date
29 Dec 2005
Front Mission 5 box art for PlayStation 2

News & Blogs

Square Enix registers new trademarks; Front Mission lives

Square Enix has registered the name Monster Battle Road with the United States patent office; a clear reference to a Dragon Quest VIII minigame of the same name. It is likely that this title will be a US port of the Japanese Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. More interestingly, the subtitle "Scars of the War" has been published for opposition, which means as long as no one else sues for property of a common phrase, Front Mission 5 may actually get a stateside release.1

  1. RPGamer

Front Mission sales reach 3 million

Square Enix has announced that the complete sales of its Front Mission series since its debut ten years ago have totalled three million with the release of Front Mission 5. With more than 200,000 copies sold since its December 29th release, this seventeenth installment has successfully secured the longevity of both Front Mission's position in gaming history and Yoichi Wada's pocketbook.

First Front Mission 5 details surface


The most recent issue of Japanese Shonen Jump has released the first tidbits of information regarding Squeenix's latest foray into Strategy-RPGs: Front Mission 5: The Scars of the War. The title's purportedly more humanistic story will focus around USN soldier Fen Walter and his relationship with Lin Wainright, a fellow female officer, in addition to viewing soldiers' everyday lives and, of course, the war. With luck, Wanzer combat will not be replaced by large sweaty men slapping one another on the ass as they shout sexist obscenities. Oh, the gritty realism!

Front Mission 5 and new FFXI expansion announced

Remember those two trademarks, Scars of the War and Treasures of Aht Uhrgan? Well, they were pretty easy to guess to begin with, but now they've been confirmed as Front Mission 5: Scars of the War, and a new expansion pack for Final Fantasy XI. But who cares about FFXI and Front Mission in the face of the Revolution and Metal Gear Solid 4, anyway?1

  1. Square Enix

Announced alongside Front Mission 5 at the Tokyo Game Show, Front Mission Mobile is the latest handheld installment in the tactical strategy series, the official website of which has recently opened and stuffed with content. The game's story will return players to the OCU/USN conflict on Huffman island, where they may engage in standard combat or a familiar duel system. Front Mission Mobile will appear for NTT DoCoMos FOMA-900i-Handyseries in Japan. No price or release date has been announced.

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