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A compilation by Level-5, Grasshopper Manufacture and Vivarium for Nintendo 3DS

Guild01 box art

Guild01 is a compilation release on the Nintendo 3DS of four distinct titles.

Kaiho Shoujo / Liberation Maiden

Designed by Goichi Suda, this title is a shooter where the player controls Shoko (a high school girl who became President of Japan after her father was assasinated). Shoko must pilot a mech to fight against an invading country who's goal is to steal all of Japan's energy. The game features animated scenes by anime studio BONES (Darker Than Black, Fullmetal Alchemist & Sword of the Stranger)

Rental Bukiya de Omasse / Omasse's Rental Weapon Shop

America Zarigani's (Japanese comedy duo) Yoshiyuki Hirai has written a title which has a father and son who craft weapons for heroes. The player must use rhythmic gameplay for the forging, and if forged poorly the hero can fail.

Aero Porter

Directed by Yoot Saito, this simulation title puts the player in charge of an airport in which the player is responsible for ensuring planes leave on time and baggage is moved quickly.

Crimson Shroud

This title is the first helmed by Yasumi Matsuno since his departure from Final Fantasy XII due to illness. The adventure/RPG title has the player controlling a "Chaser" who must search for people. The game is set 1,000 years in the past.


Box Art

Nintendo 3DS
Release date
31 2012
Guild01 box art for Nintendo 3DS

News & Blogs

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I'd like to formally announce my departure from Level-5, effective last month. With my work done on the domestic and overseas version of my latest 3DSWare game, it was good timing for me to step down and take a short break in order to recharge for my next project. My deepest thanks to everyone at Level-5 and everyone playing our games for your continued support.

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Two Guild01 titles trademarked in the United States

Level-5 has filed trademarks for Yasumi Matsuno's Crimson Shroud and Goichi Suda's Liberation Maiden - both titles from their Nintendo 3DS compilation title Guild011. Crimson Shroud is Matsuno's first directed title since falling ill due to stress while helming Final Fantasy XII. Read on

  1. Look’s Like Level-5′s Guild 01 Is Heading Overseas - Siliconera

Guild01 mini review

Guild01 isn’t like Professor Layton, Dragon Quest IX or any other of Level-5′s recent big-named titles. Rather it’s a budget anthology title sporting not one but four different — and completely unrelated — games by three famous developers (and one comedian). But despite that selling point, Guild01 has completely failed to capture the interest of the Japanese market, selling a mere 20,000 copies in its opening month...Guild01 is a game aimed at gamers: gamers who know who these game creators are and are excited to see their newest projects.

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