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Hanjuku Hero VS 3D

An Action RPG game for PlayStation 2 by Square in the Hanjuku Hero series

Hanjuku Hero VS 3D box art
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Box Art

Hanjuku Hero VS 3D
PlayStation 2
Release date
26 2003
Hanjuku Hero VS 3D  box art for PlayStation 2

News & Blogs

Hanjuku Hero 4 website launches

As a testament to Japanese oddity..err..unique interests, the offical website for Square Enix''s Hanjuko Hero has launched in anticipation of Hanjuko Hero 4''s trailer presentation at the Tokyo Game Show and further reference to Hanjuko Hero vs 3D. The site appears to include details concerning the "Egg monster competition" and an adorable photo of a character in a crown instructing me to go bash myself. Somebody please tell me what the hell is going on.

Square Enix Nintendo DS line-up revealed

According to the Nintendo Developer Fact Sheet, Square Enix has several games in development for the Nintendo DS, which was unveiled earlier today. The document mentions two games as parts of already existing series: a new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles game, and a new Dragon Quest Monsters title. A third game will be on display during E3: Egg Monster Heroes, which appears to be part of the Hanjuku Hero series of games. The fact sheet also has a short description of the title: "In the first segment, players control a general and his troops. Flip them from behind to make them charge the opponents. Next, players enter into the ?Egg Monster Battle,? where players can touch their monsters? bodies to choose an attack method while aiming at opposing monsters? weak parks."1

  1. Nintendo

Hanjuku Hero vs 3d release date & limited edition

Square Enix has set the release date for upcoming quirky PS2 Strategy RPG Hanjuku Hero vs 3d to June 26th in Japan. The title features a battle between 2d sprites and 3d polygons using cel-shaded graphics and features some of the weirdest character designs seen yet. A $73 Limited Edition release of the game will also be initially available, although no details have been mentioned.1

  1. Gamefront

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