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Kid Icarus: Uprising

An Action game for Nintendo 3DS by Nintendo and Project Sora

Kid Icarus: Uprising box art

Kid Icarus: Uprising (新・光神話 パルテナの鏡, lit. "New Light Mythology: Palutena's Mirror") is a Nintendo 3DS game developed by Project Sora and published by Nintendo. It is the third game in the Kid Icarus series and the first since 1991's Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters. In the game's debut trailer at E3 2010, Pit appears with a cheery, "Sorry to keep you waiting," in reference to the twenty-year wait since the last title in the series.

Project Sora

Founded by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and former HAL Laboratory game designer Masahiro Sakurai, Project Sora was formed in 2009 after the completion of Super Smash Bros. Brawl with its only goal being the development and publication of Uprising. Upon its formation, Nintendo was a 72% stakeholder while Sakurai's own Sora development house and other 3rd parties form the remaining shares. The development project was disbanded on June 30, 2012 shortly after the release of the game.


Box Art

Kid Icarus: Uprising
Nintendo 3DS
Release date
23 2012
Kid Icarus: Uprising box art for Nintendo 3DS

News & Blogs

This is a lithe, sharp, focused game that rewards skill, punishes stupidity and prizes high scores in a way that none of the publisher output has dared to for the past five years... Kid Icarus is a contender's game - and, just maybe, a sign that the publisher has flown a little too close to the mainstream sun in recent times, and is ready to tumble back into more complex waters.

Kid Icarus Uprising Composers Revealed

Nintendo Japan have revealed a list of composers for Kid Icarus: Uprising:

Samples can be found on Nintendo Japan's official site

Kid Icarus: Uprising is an Action game for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Project Sora. It will be released in Japan on March 22, and in the United States & Europe on March 23.


Angry American Pit projecting a little Angry American Kirby

Happy Japanese Pit
Angry American Pit

It could be that Pit is sporting this obligatory Angry American Kirby-like scowl for the upcoming March 23 release of Kid Icarus: Uprising in North America, or it could simply just be that those Monoeyes are just a little bit too close for comfort.

European 3DS owners, don't forget to register your games by the end of the month at Club Nintendo for a free download of 3DS Classics: Kid Icarus.

Kid Icarus and Metroid

Kid Icarus and Metroid

Kid Icarus and Metroid for NES share several similarities. For one, they feature remarkably similar gameplay, though Kid Icarus is a bit more linear. More importantly, they both utilize the same game engine and were released on the same day in America, and a big selling point for both titles was its use of passwords. Although its called "Sacred Words" in Kid Icarus, the password system is identical in both games, though you can't recruit Justin Bailey in your quest to save Angel Land.

Kid Icarus even features Metroids as enemies in Level 3, the Skyworld, although they do not behave the same as they do in Metroid. Some screenshots recently released at E3 2011 reveal that these Metroid-like enemies, called "Komayto", will return to fight again in the upcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising.

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