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A Beat 'em up for Wii by Platinum Games and Sega

MadWorld box art

MadWorld is a violent Fighter-Action-Beat 'em up from Platinum Games.

Matsuno Sighting

Legendary Quest/Square game designer Yasumi Matsuno, whose whereabouts had been unknown for some time after mysteriously dropping out of the development of Final Fantasy XII, resurfaced to write the story for MadWorld. He was reportedly1 tapped by producer and personal friend Atsushi Inaba "to build the game's world and script from the ground up" and breathe life into a game whose genre (Action/Beat 'em up) typically has little or no depth in storytelling.

In writing MadWorld, Matsuno came upon a paradox: the rejection of violence in general society and the acceptance (and indeed embrace) of it by the game's characters. Finally, Matsuno has stressed the unexpected depth of the game: "it may be a little difficult to catch everything in the story by only playing the game once. With each replay you can understand the true meaning of each character's dialogue more and more."

Categories & Concepts
  1. Matsuno, "Narrativity",

Box Art

Release date
10 2009
MadWorld box art for Wii
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