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Nintendo Land

A Party game for Wii U by Nintendo

Nintendo Land box art

Nintendo Land is a launch title for Wii U. Set in a carnival/theme park atmosphere based on various Nintendo franchises, Nintendo Land is intended to serve as the main demonstration of the functionality of the Wii U system and Wii U GamePad, in much the same way Wii Sports demonstrated the functionality of the Wii and Wii Remote. Nintendo Land will feature 12 different minigames, some of which support up to five players, with four using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk and one using the GamePad.

The game was first unveiled at Nintendo's press conference at E3 2012.

Gameplay & Minigames

Takamaru's Ninja Castle
Based off the 1986 Family Computer Disk System game The Mysterious Murasame Castle (also released as a Virtual Console title), the player uses the GamePad's touchscreen to launch paper shuriken at waves of enemy ninjas. The controller can be tilted in order to change the trajectory of the throws.
Luigi's Ghost Mansion
Based upon the Luigi's Mansion series, up to four players must try to find a ghost in a maze, and weaken it by shining their flashlight towards it. The ghost is controlled by a player using the GamePad, who plays using the screen on the controller. The ghost remains invisible to the remaining players (unless the flashlight is shined at it, or lightning strikes illuminate it), but their respective controller will vibrate if the ghost is near them, requiring cooperation in order to catch the ghost. This game has been compared to the acclaimed multiplayer Pac-Man Vs. envisioned by Shigeru Miyamoto1.
The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest
Based upon the Legend of Zelda series, up to three players use their swords to fight enemies. One more player uses their GamePad to control a player in the rear of the pack bow and arrow.
Animal Crossing: Sweet Day
Based on the Animal Crossing series, four players control animals trying to collect candies as a team before they get caught by one of two guards who make them drop candies, controlled by another player using the GamePad. As players collect more candies, their movement becomes slower, making it easier for them to be caught.
Donkey Kong's Crash Course
The player uses the GamePad to tilt a trolley through a platform-based obstacle course, influenced by the original Donkey Kong arcade game. The analog sticks can be pressed in to activate levers and switches.
A game based off Nintendo's futuristic racing game F-Zero was revealed during Nintendo's developer presentation later in the day after their press conference, where the player must race down a track and avoid obstacles placed by the other player using the GamePad.

Categories & Concepts
  1. Nintendo Land Impressions (Nintendo World Report)


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