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Romancing SaGa

An RPG for Super Famicom by Square in the SaGa and Romancing SaGa series

Romancing SaGa box art

Long ago, war raged between three wicked gods, Death, Saruin, and Schirach, and the lord of all gods, Elore. At the end of that long conflict, Death and Schirach were stripped of their powers, and Saruin was imprisoned through the might of the ten Fatestones and the hero Mirsa's ultimate sacrifice. A millennium had passed, and the Fatestones were scattered throughout Mardias. All this time the powers of evil festered, bent on releasing Saruin from his prison.1

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Box Art

Romancing SaGa
Super NES
Release date
28 1992
Romancing SaGa box art for Super NES
Romancing SaGa
PlayStation 2
Release date
11 Oct 2005
Romancing SaGa box art for PlayStation 2

News & Blogs

According to Square-Enix, action-RPG Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song will drop its subtitle en route to its US release, becoming only "Romancing SaGa". The reasoning behind this, is, of course, that American audiences never saw the release of the original SaGa games for the Super Famicom, so don't know any better. This is reminiscent of the move to make Final Fantasy VI into Final Fantasy III for its US release, a move whose ultimate result was the confusion of small children and the frustration of adults. No US release date has been given, but among new features for this installment of the SaGa series include an alleged lack of repetitive gameplay and a combo system. Because we all love combo systems.

E3 2005: Squenix vaunts Polymorphism in full swing; still can't provide Final Fantasy XII release date; Kingdom Hearts II voice actors confirmed

"Square Enix, Inc. to Unveil Massive Lineup at The Electronic Entertainment Expo," states the press release furiously. But the list is unimpressive: there's nothing new save for the odd mobile phone title, and the release dates we're so fanboyishly begging for fail to appear as well. Read on

According to game vendors, the Japanese release date for Square Enix's Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song has been set to April 21, 2005, and the game will be priced 7,140 Yen ($68.87 USD). This release date also gives room for publication of the game's theme song single, which itself will be released just several days before, on April 14. No word yet on any North American or European releases of the game.

After what may have been a smart move, Square Enix has revealed new information concerning the theme song for classic remake Romancing SaGa:Minstrel Song Reportedly, Yamazaki Masayoshi's new theme song, entitled "Menuett", will be released as a single for 1,100 Yen ($10.63 US), containing both acoustic Karaoke versions. The Japanese release date for Minstrel Song is slated to be Spring 2005.

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