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Rudra no Hiho

An RPG for Super Famicom by Square

Rudra no Hiho box art

Every 4000 years the world is destroyed and recreated by the god of destruction, Rudra. With several races of beings already eradicated, humans are faced with 15 final days before they are in turn scheduled for doom.

In many aspects of play, Rudra no Hiho ("Treasure of the Rudra") follows the Final Fantasy formula, though it does incorporate a relatively innovative magic system where spells are freely constructed according to Japanese kana spelling. Interwoven throughout the plot are aspects of Hindu religion, such as Final Fantasy mainstay and Hindu god of destruction, Shiva, and the wheel of time.

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Box Art

Rudra's Hidden Treasure
Super NES
Release date
15 1996
Rudra's Hidden Treasure box art for Super NES

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Rudra no Hiho Game Music Soundtracks

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