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Secret of Mana

An Action RPG for Super NES by Square in the Mana series

Secret of Manashadow
Secret of Mana box art

Falling off a bridge located near his rural village, a boy wanders through a forbidden forest and discovers a sacred sword. Pulling the sword from the ground, he discovers the sudden appearance of monsters in the woods, and upon returning to his village, he finds it under attack by a hideous insect. Though he is able to vanquish the beast, the town elder concludes that the sword is the cause of the town's troubles, and the boy is expelled from the village to find a new home.

Secret of Mana is among the most beloved of Square's games for the 16-bit Super NES, featuring colorful graphics, fun gameplay, an enthralling storyline, and unforgettable music. The second title in the Mana series, it set standards for future titles.

Box Art

Super NES
Release date
6 1992
聖剣伝説2 box art for Super NES
Secret of Mana
Super NES
Release date
3 Oct 1993
Secret of Mana box art for Super NES

News & Blogs

Why graphics matter...

Why graphics matter...

BlogThe more I think about it, the more it bothers. That is, the more people say "graphics don't matter" the more I think they're full of it. Actually, the more I think about it, I find the graphics are incredibly important to me. But maybe I'm being too loose with my definitions. Because whenever I think, "graphics," I automatically lump in art direction. Talking about how good the graphics are is pointless if what is being animated is boring to begin with.

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