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A Real-Time Strategy game for PC and Nintendo 64 by Blizzard Entertainment in the StarCraft series

StarCraft box art

In the twenty-sixth century, three species will fight for dominion of the Milky Way Galaxy. They are: Terrans, humans exiled from Earth who exhibit great adaptability; Zerg, a race of insectoids obsessed with assimilating other races in pursuit of genetic perfection; and Protoss, a technologically-advanced psionic humanoid species attempting to preserve their civilization.

Categories & Concepts

Box Art

Release date
31 1998
StarCraft box art for PC
StarCraft: Brood War
Release date
30 Nov 1998
StarCraft: Brood War box art for PC
StarCraft Battle Chest
Release date
StarCraft Battle Chest box art for PC
StarCraft 64
Nintendo 64
Release date
13 2000
StarCraft 64 box art for Nintendo 64

News & Blogs

The current state of J-RPGs

BlogWandering the internet in search of anime news/events today I found an interesting opinion piece on Anime News Network's 'The X Button' column.

It felt very familiar to me. In the days of my youth I discovered (somewhat later than most) Final Fantasy VII. I have enjoyed the many many hours of slogging through various Japanese RPGs since then as complicated tales of political intrigue, romance and betrayal unfolded in between furious battles. Yet in more recent times I have become bored with the genre. I've half finished Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, only played about 5 hours of Final Fantasy XII (yes, that's right, I said it) and only played the first hour or so of Star Ocean: The Last Hope (I blame the terrible voice acting). Read on

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