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Super Mario Galaxy 2

A Galactic Platformer by Nintendo in the Super Mario series

Super Mario Galaxy 2 box art

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a rarity in the Mario series: a direct sequel (see Super Mario Galaxy). Although SMG2 started as as spillover of too much content from the original, it appears to have shaped up as a game unto itself. It features tons of gameplay mechanics and innovations not present in the first Galaxy, from Yoshi and Luigi as playable characters1 to new power ups2, more challenge3, and of course, new galaxies.

SMG 2 will also focus more on gameplay and less on plot (indeed, Rosalina, who played a major role in the original storyline, seems to be altogether missing from this sequel; she only appears in ghost form to guide the player over tough spots) and the hub world has been dumped in favor of a stage map, a la Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, et al.

  1. Super Mario Bros. Galaxy

  2. New power-up revealed in Super Mario Galaxy 2, all hail Cloud Mario

  3. Kotaku preview: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Preview: Tougher, Easier

Box Art

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Release date
23 2010
Super Mario Galaxy 2 box art for Wii
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Release date
27 2010
Super Mario Galaxy 2 box art for Wii

News & Blogs

Super Mario Galaxy 2 totally blows

ReviewArguably the best Mario game in a decade, Super Mario Galaxy was followed up with an easy, lame, boring, if polished sequel in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

It's been noted that this sequel's existence is owed to the large quantity of leftovers from the original, leaving a bunch of galaxies on the cutting room floor. Super Mario Galaxy 2 feels like these throwaway levels were picked up, dusted off, polished off, and packed away.

Read on

Super Mario Galaxy 2: a great example of how a sequel can be better than the original

BlogMario never seems to cease to amaze people. His games are usually highly regarded by many as the best for any system he is on. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is no exception. I'm just gonna come out and say it: this game is fucking great! I would like to make one thing clear before I go on, this is not a review; this is just my opinion. So don't expect me to go into too much detail about the controls or any of that shit. I just wanted to express my feelings toward the game and why I think its great. Read on

New power-up revealed in Super Mario Galaxy 2, all hail Cloud Mario

With only a month and a bit away from release, Nintendo has gone ahead and revealed yet another new power-up from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Enter Cloud Mario, a suit which allows Mario to walk on clouds. Sounds pretty basic we know and seeing as there isn't any footage showcasing this power-up, we'll just have to use our imaginations until we get our gritty hands on the game itself. Much like Rock Mario, Cloud Mario is a newly implemented suit not seen in Galaxy 2's predecessor.12

  1. siliconera

  2. offcial nintendo magazine

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