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Super Mario RPG

An RPG for Super NES by Square and Nintendo in the Mario RPG series

Super Mario RPG box art

Bent on world domination, the nefarious blacksmith Smithy and his band of minions have caused an extraterrestrial sword called Exor to descend upon the Mushroom Kingdom... Arch nemeses Mario and Bowser must set aside their differences to battle the Smithy Gang and recover the seven legendary stars to restore peace to the land.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars marked a historic collaboration between Square and Nintendo just prior to their painful separation at the end of the 16-bit era. A favorite among fans, the game largely manages to carry over the lighter elements of the Mario and Final Fantasy series of games.

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Box Art

Super Mario RPG
Super NES
Release date
9 1996
Super Mario RPG box art for Super NES
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Super NES
Release date
13 1996
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars box art for Super NES

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Depending on who you ask, Ted Woolsey was either an iron-fisted dictator who was convinced that American gamers were morons or a hard-pressed grunt who was the primary reason the scripts for these games weren't completely remolded, but either way his impact was keenly felt, as he frequently modified the scripts he was handed in order to render them more accessible for American release. Fans coined the term "Woolseyisms" to refer to places where Woolsey had obviously been tinkering with the original Japanese...

Super Mario RPG headed to Wii Virtual Console

The ESRB has been releasing ratings for retro titles headed to Wii's Virtual Console. Though the official announcement is forthcoming, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is looking like a sure thing, debuting for a retail price of $8 or 800 Wii points. Other upcoming virtual titles leaked by the ESRB include Kid Ikarus and Punch Out for the NES, Pilotwings and Super Metroid for SNES, along with Mario Kart 64 and Starfox 64 for the N64. Titles are expected to arrive early to mid 2007.1

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