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U.S.G. - A New Beginning

An RPG-Shooter for PC by GP Touch

U.S.G. - A New Beginning box art

U.S.G. - A New Beginning is an independent freeware title made in 2008 by Thai developer GP Touch.

You are Kyte, one of the pilots in the 'U.S.G' Project. You have been trained by 'The Center' to be prepared for the 'true battle' that lies ahead of you. Though nobody knows what this 'true battle' really is, all they can do is follow the training program and protect their base from the 'invaders'.

Together with his assigned navigator , Len, they have to go through various missions in order to survive. However, the suspicions rise when not only the pilots who fail the mission disappear, but also their personal navigators as well. Will he succeed in all the missions and survive long enough to find out the truth? And just what is this "U.S.G" project he seems to be a part of?

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Box Art

U.S.G. - A New Beginning
Release date
27 2008
U.S.G. - A New Beginning box art for PC
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