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Unlimited SaGa

An RPG for PlayStation 2 by Square in the SaGa series

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News & Blogs

Unlimited: SaGa out in Europe

Square Enix Europe and Atari yesterday released Unlimited: SaGa in Europe. The only reason this is interesting is because I was in a store picking up Viewtiful Joe and happened to notice that it not only comes in deluxe cardboard embossed packaging with a 3-panel character art foldout, but also contains a second disc with the European version of Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm. Mmm-mm good.1

  1. Square Enix

Atari, the European publisher of Squenix titles, has announced that it will be releasing Unlimited Saga: Collector's Edition because the game obviously got so slammed by critics that no one will want to buy it unless they release it with the specified Bonus Disc containing the Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm movie (retitled as "Final Fantasy X-2 Prologue"). Eternal Calm is a 14 minute long movie that was previously available on the Japanese version of FFX International. The contents of the disc have been remastered and are in English with five different languages available in subtitles.1

  1. Gamefront

GameSpy's unsubmissive review of Unlimited: SaGa reveals that the game, which garners an apparently fitting 28 out of 100 and the title "worst RPG in years", might not be everything (or anything) the fans have been looking forward to. Even the amazing soundtrack by Masashi Hamauzu doesn't seem to be able to save it. Oh well.1

  1. GameSpy

New release dates for upcoming Squenix titles

Square Enix (yes, this article starts with the company name again) has released a list of upcoming release dates for games in the US and Europe. Expect to see Final Fantasy X-2 in Fall in the US, winter in Europe; Unlimited Saga in June US, "Summer" Europe; and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and Drakengard in early 2004 for both locales.

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