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Dragon Quest IX game guide and database

You are a mighty Celestrian, fallen from the sky and exiled to roam amongst man and beast in the world below. Where will your travels take you?

Equip yourself with this Guide to Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies and be prepared to venture into this massive world. Dragon Quest IX is highly customizable and features a trove of secrets and quests that make this a truly epic installment in an epic RPG series.

This guide is merely an attempt to bring together and present disperate but interrelated data. For example, a monster and the items he drops and that item's attributes, uses, and where it can be found.

Compiled by Matt Berti with data and guides by Zaraf.



Dragon Quest IX game manual
A PDF game manual, courtesy of Dragon's Den.
Material Map by Woodus
A world map with denoting all the natural resources available for harvesting. There are other maps available at Dragon's Den as well.

Full Contents

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