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Jeremy Soule Composer
Icewind Dale Soundtrack box cover
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Icewind Dale Soundtrack

Icewind Dale: Soundtrack summary

The Icewind Dale soundtrack by game composer Jeremy Soule is one of the highest quality videogame scores of its time. The composer said of the project in an interview with Armchair Empire, " I was very pleased with the music I created for the Icewind Dale titles. Story-driven RPGs like these lend themselves well to capturing the different moods of their adventures in the musical score. This is the style of composing I enjoy most." The game music was published by Interplay and received glowing reveiws from and Gamespot.

Icewind Dale Soundtrack Track List

Track list translations: Game Soundtrack Central

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information 
1 The Tale of Icewind Dale
2 Icewind Dale Theme
3 Easthaven in Peace
4 Hrothgar's Home
5 Temple of Tempus
6 The Lost Caravan
7 Drums of the Dead
8 Avalanche of the Past
9 Kuldahar Theme
10 Arundel's Home
11 Vale of Shadows
12 Lysan's Lair
13 Krasselack's Tomb
14 Krasselack's Lair
15 Temple of the Forgotten God Entrance
16 Temple of the Forgotten God Interior
17 Heartstone Shrine
18 The Dragon's Eye
19 Yxonomei's Lair
20 Severed Hand Entrance
21 Severed Hand Interior
22 The Mage Tower
23 Lerrel's tomb
24 Lerrel's Astrolab
25 The Heartstone Gem
26 Upper Dom's Keep Entrance
27 Upper Dom's Keep Interior
28 Drow & Orog Gate
29 Umber Hulk Labyrinth
30 The Wyrm's Tuth Entrance
31 Aquarium of Alkonos
32 Frost Giant Cave
33 Lower Dom's Deep
34 Svirfneblin Refugee Camp
35 Marketh's Palace
36 Artisan's District
37 The Fallen Temple
38 Belhifet's Doom
39 Return to Easthaven
40 Easthaven in Pieces Success!
41 Bonus tracks

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