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Artists & Credits

Koichi Sugiyama Composer
Motoaki Takenouchi Arranger
E.V.O.: Search for Eden Symphonic Suite box cover
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E.V.O.: Search for Eden Symphonic Suite

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E.V.O.: Search for Eden Symphonic Suite Track List

Track list translations: Game Music Revolution

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information 
1 46 Hundred Million Year Story ~ Birth of the World
2 Mother Earth ~ Theme of Gaia
3 Abundant Nature ~ Village Theme
4 450 Million Year Journey ~ Chapter 1 Field
5 Journey to the Unknown ~ Cave Theme
6 Natural Selection ~ Battle Theme
7 Sorrow
8 Earth, in Praise of Nature ~ Main Map Theme
9 Hello Evolution ~ Chapter 2 Field
10 Head for Land ~ Evolution March
11 Another Evolution ~ Coffee Break
12 Anxious Times ~ Chapter 3 Field
13 Premonition of Ruin
14 Evolution Ballad ~ Chapter 4 Field
15 Final Choice ~ Battle with Bolbox
16 To a New Evolution
17 46 Hundred Million Year Story Finale

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