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Artists & Credits

Hitoshi Sakimoto Composer
Masaharu Iwata Composer
Azusa Chiba Composer
Kimihiro Abe Composer
Mitsuhiro Kaneda Composer
Hideo Minaba Cover art
gaQdan Orchestral performance
Yoshimi Kudo Guitar
Crimson Shroud Original Soundtrack box cover
Basiscape Records
Catalog ID
Retail Price

Crimson Shroud Original Soundtrack

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Crimson Shroud Original Soundtrack Track List

All track list translations were done by staff and contributors unless otherwise stated here.

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Main Theme Sakimoto (gaQdan) 1:29
2 A World Where Magic Never Was Sakimoto (gaQdan) 2:40
3 You Have Erred Sakimoto 3:37
4 Show Your Mettle Abe (gaQdan) 4:44
5 Out of the Frying Pan Sakimoto 1:01
6 Have Faith Kaneda 3:46
7 They Haven't Seen Us Sakimoto (gaQdan) 3:18
8 She Broke the Rules Sakimoto 3:36
9 No Picnic For Me Sakimoto (Kudo) 1:52
10 Free for the Taking Chiba 0:08
11 Fight or Flight Iwata (gaQdan) 4:31
12 Fool of a Thief Sakimoto 1:53
13 A Time and a Place Chiba 0:18
14 Her Reputation Precedes Her Sakimoto (gaQdan) 2:51
15 I Think It's Angry Kaneda (gaQdan) 3:56
16 The Underground Labyrinth Sakimoto 3:55
17 Seven Years Sakimoto 3:13
18 How Many Times Kaneda (gaQdan) 4:11
19 Why Stop Now Kaneda 4:28
20 The Crimson Shroud Sakimoto 3:08
21 The Last Thing Chiba (gaQdan) 5:32

Disc 2

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 My Life Is Yours Sakimoto (gaQdan) 4:15
2 Your Time Is Up Sakimoto 3:39
3 They Don't Look That Tough Abe (gaQdan) 5:07
4 Was It All a Lie? Sakimoto (gaQdan) 3:12
5 Dark Questions Sakimoto (gaQdan) 2:38
6 The Palm of Her Hand Kaneda 4:50
7 They Promised Sakimoto 3:18
8 Sinner's Requiem Sakimoto 5:09

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