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Artists & Credits

Ado Mizumori Performer
Akitaka Tohyama Composer
Asuka Sakai Composer
Charlie Kosei Performer
Hideki Tobeta Composer
Katamari Company Jr. Performer
Katamari Samba Company Performer
Kenji Ninuma Performer
Masayuki Tanaka Performer
Nobue Matsubara Performer
Sakamoto-chan Performer
Saki Kabata Performer
Shigeru Matsuzaki Performer
Yohihito Yano Composer
Yu Miyake Composer
Yui Asaka Performer
Yuri Misumi Composer
Yuusama Performer
Katamari Damacy Katamari Fortissimo Damacy box cover
Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc.
Catalog ID
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Katamari Damacy Katamari Fortissimo Damacy

Katamari Damacy Katamari Fortissimo Damacy Track List

Track list translations: #gamemp3s
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Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Sasasan Katamari (Yuusama) 1:21
2 Katamari on the Rock - Main Theme Miyake (Tanaka) 5:57
3 Overture Sakai, Miyake 0:49
4 The Moon and the Prince Tohyama (Ninuma) 5:30
5 Fugue #7777 Sakai 1:22
6 LONELY ROLLING STAR Yano (Kabata) 5:44
7 The Wonderful Star's Walk is Wonderful Misumi 3:12
8 katamari mambo ~ Katamari Syndrome mix Misumi (Matsubara & Sakamoto-chan) 5:35
9 You Are Smart Tohyama 3:32
10 A Crimson and a Gin Tonic Sakai (Mizumori) 4:29
11 WANDA WANDA   3:23
12 Que Sera Sera Sakai (Kosei) 5:31
13 Angel Flavor's Present   5:08
14 Katamaritaino Tobeta (Asaka) 5:54
15 Katamari Stars Tobeta 2:28
16 Cherry Blossom Color Season (Katamari Company Jr.) 6:14
17 Lovely Angel   1:27
18 Stardust Fanfare Tohyama 0:08
19 Last Samba Sakai, Miyake (Katamari Samba Company) 1:00
20 Katamari Love ~ Ending Theme Yano (Matsuzaki) 4:09
21 Katamari March Damacy   2:21

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