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Artists & Credits

Akira Yamaoka Arranger
Hiroki Kikuta Arranger
Ippo Yamada Arranger
Junya Nakano Arranger
Kenichiro Fukui Arranger
Kenji Ito Arranger
Noriyuki Iwadare Arranger
Soyo Oka Arranger
Yuzo Koshiro Arranger
Eriko Imura Arranger
Kohta Takahashi Arranger
Manabu Namiki Composer
Ryo Umemoto Arranger
Ryu Takami Composer
TECHNOuchi Arranger
alias of Yuji Takenouchi
Tsukasa Masuko Arranger
Yasuhisa Watanabe Arranger
aka "Yack."
Deathsmiles Arrange Album box cover
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Deathsmiles Arrange Album

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Deathsmiles Arrange Album Track List

Track list translations: VGMdb

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 Invitation from Another World Kohta Takahashi
2 Burning Halloween Town Kenji Ito
3 Trembling Mad with Hatred in the Game of Death Kenichiro Fukui
4 Angels' Melancholy Ryo Umemoto
5 Gravekeeper's Anger Hiroki Kikuta
6 Lost Forest Soyo Oka
7 The Witch of the Bottomless Swamp Junya Nakano
8 Rebellion of the Lake Village Yasuhisa Watanabe
9 Awakened Giant Beast Tsukasa Masuko
10 Crossing the Ravine... Monster Zoo, Akira Yamaoka
11 Memories of the Ruined Crystal Temple Yuzo Koshiro
12 Hades Castle Noriyuki Iwadare
13 Waltz for the Aristocrat Ghosts Eriko Imura, TECHNOuchi
14 To the Wandering Beloved Souls Ippo Yamada
15 360menu Ryu Takami
16 ??? Ryu Takami

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