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Artists & Credits

Jeremy Soule Composer
Guild Wars Factions Soundtrack box cover
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Guild Wars Factions Soundtrack

Guild Wars Factions Soundtrack Track List

Track list translations: DirectSong

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information 
1 Guild Wars Factions Theme
2 Age of the Dragon
3 Shing Jea Monastery
4 Luxon Theme
5 Zurzick Theme
6 Kaineng City
7 Harvest Festival
8 Coastline
9 Jade Sea
10 Echovald Forest
11 Assassin's Theme
12 Ritualist's Theme
13 Arborstone
14 Tanglewood Copse
15 The Eternal Grove
16 Minister Cho's Estate
17 Zen Daijun
18 Unwaking Waters
19 Rasu Palace
20 Day of the Jade Wind
21 Bonus Track 1
22 Bonus Track 2
23 Bonus Track 3
24 Bonus Track 4

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