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Artists & Credits

Jeremy Soule Composer
Guild Wars Nightfall Soundtrack box cover
Catalog ID

Guild Wars Nightfall Soundtrack

Guild Wars Nightfall Soundtrack Track List

Track list translations: DirectSong

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information 
1 Land of the Golden Sun
2 Guardian Sunspears
3 Lost Dynasties
4 The Grand Cataract
5 Gathering Storms
6 Festival of Lyss
7 Desert Dwellers
8 March of the Margonites
9 Fortress of Jahai
10 Pride of the Centaurs
11 Haunted Ruins
12 Turai's Legacy
13 Dining at the Great
14 Elona's New Hope
15 Path to War
16 Tortured Souls
17 Sunspear Assault
18 Garden of Seborhin
19 On Harpies' Wings
20 The Forgotten God
21 Corsair Armada
22 Black Sails at Dawn
23 Theme for Varesh
24 Sulfurous Wastes
25 The Garrison
26 Web of Terror
27 Invasion of Vabbi
28 Resplendent Makuun
29 Kormir's Theme
30 Kournan Caravan
31 Into the Breach
32 Distant Battle
33 The Makers' Song
34 Desperate Flight
35 Unseen Intruders
36 Abaddon's Gift
37 The Barricades
38 The Five True Gods
39 Cries of Elona
40 Sunspears Attack
41 Alternate Theme

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