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Artists & Credits

Ayako Saso Composer
Kenji Kawai Composer
Shinji Hosoe Composer
Hiroto Saitoh Composer
Yuriko Mukoujima Composer
Mari Yasui Irish Flute
Mayumi Okusawa Flute
Michiko Miyauchi Concert Master
Uchida Strings Group Strings
Yuriko Mukoujima Violin / Viola
FolksSoul: The Lost Folklore Original Soundtrack box cover
Team Entertainment
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FolksSoul: The Lost Folklore Original Soundtrack

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FolksSoul: The Lost Folklore Original Soundtrack Track List

Track list translations: VGMdb

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 The Beginning of the Journey Kenji Kawai
2 A Mysterious Door Kenji Kawai
3 The Netherworld Kenji Kawai
4 Solitude Shinji Hosoe
5 Resolution Kenji Kawai
6 Awakening Hiroto Saitoh
7 Rumbling Shinji Hosoe
8 Mystery Shinji Hosoe
9 The Fairy Waltz Ayako Saso
10 Crisis Hiroto Saitoh
11 Leaving the Myth Ayako Saso
12 Scattered Flowers Ayako Saso
13 A Voice from the Past Ayako Saso
14 Resurfacing Past Hiroto Saitoh
15 Speaking With The Dead Shinji Hosoe
16 Endless Battlefield Shinji Hosoe
17 Menance Shinji Hosoe
18 Avalon Shinji Hosoe

Disc 2

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 Ancient Breath Ayako Saso
2 An Undertaking Shinji Hosoe
3 Impact Shinji Hosoe
4 Visited Tragedy Yuriko Mukoujima
5 Land of Gods Ayako Saso
6 To Arrange History Ayako Saso
7 Trial Shinji Hosoe
8 The Serpent's Lair Shinji Hosoe
9 Sorrow Kenji Kawai
10 Distant Memories Kenji Kawai
11 The Forgotten Village Ayako Saso
12 Irish Lullaby Irish Folk Song
13 Danny Boy Irish Folk Song
14 Between Life and Death Hiroto Saitoh
15 Rest Kenji Kawai

Disc 3

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 To the Unknown World Kenji Kawai
2 Engraved Time Shinji Hosoe
3 Map of the Penfield Shinji Hosoe
4 In the Land of Judgment Ayako Saso
5 Courtroom Kenji Kawai
6 The Judge and the Judged Kenji Kawai
7 The End of Memories Ayako Saso
8 Showdown Shinji Hosoe
9 The Darkness Within Shinji Hosoe
10 Truth Kenji Kawai
11 Determination Hiroto Saitoh
12 Under a Falling Star Yuriko Mukoujima
13 Sovereign Vessel Hiroto Saitoh
14 Skilled Spear Shinji Hosoe
15 Transfiguration Ayako Saso
16 Those Who Must Fear Ayako Saso
17 Beginning of the End Shinji Hosoe
18 Collapse Shinji Hosoe
19 Where the Soul Goes Kenji Kawai, Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, Hiroto Saitoh

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