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Artists & Credits

Motoi Sakuraba Composer
Motoi Sakuraba Arranger
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Original Soundtrack Volume 2 box cover
Team Entertainment Inc.
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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Original Soundtrack Volume 2

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time: Original Soundtrack Volume 2 summary

Sakuraba fans are in for a treat with this second volume of the Star Ocean soundtrack - while the first one addressed their orchestral wet dreams, you'll find nothing of that kind on Volume 2, which is a 2-disc electronic rock, metal and jazz festival of sorts. Gone is the clunky sampling Sakuraba was so renowned for during the first Playstation generation, and what replaces it is something that makes Uematsu's Otherworld pale in comparison. The entire soundtrack - that is, every single track - is done with live instruments (though the occasional use of programmed drumming or synths isn't out of the question) - from the powerful battle riffs of Divine Spirit of Language (which sounds more like a Joe Satriani song than Star Ocean: the Second Story's Dynamite), to the ten-minute feast of Highbrow on disc two. You won't find anything soft or emotional like We Form in Crystals with the possible exception of the complicated, fast jazz sound in Moody Goddess. All in all, if you wanted a soundtrack that resets the standard in RPG music, you've found it here and it's hard to imagine a future Uematsu album that completely ignores it.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Original Soundtrack Volume 2 Track List

Track list translations: Enix

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Cutting Edge of Notion Sakuraba 2:24
2 Victory Bell Sakuraba 0:30
3 Expiration Sakuraba 2:28
4 Malicious Fingers Sakuraba 2:28
5 Fly Away in the Violet Sky Sakuraba 2:00
6 Frightened Eyes Sakuraba 2:21
7 The Divine Spirit of Language Sakuraba 2:41
8 Pert Girl on the Sandy Beach Sakuraba 2:00
9 Gaiety Company Sakuraba 2:20
10 Evil Shade Crept Sakuraba 3:02
11 Rust Color Sakuraba 2:14
12 Bracing Forest Wind Sakuraba 1:23
13 Let's Creation!! Sakuraba 1:07
14 Bird's Eye View Sakuraba 2:27
15 What's up? Sakuraba 1:24
16 Adventurous Spirits Sakuraba 2:23
17 I am the No.1! Sakuraba 1:39
18 Around in the Wilderness Sakuraba 2:22
19 Robe under Cover of Darkness Sakuraba 2:25
20 So Alone, Be Sorrow - Rhythm Ver. Sakuraba 2:44
21 Preemptive Attack Sakuraba 2:25
22 Moon Base Sakuraba 2:24

Disc 2

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Twisted Base Sakuraba 2:23
2 People Inside a Fence Sakuraba 2:10
3 Air Harmony Sakuraba 2:27
4 Bitter Dance Sakuraba 2:53
5 Powerbroker Sakuraba 2:29
6 The Virtual Image Sakuraba 2:37
7 Mission to the Empty Space Sakuraba 3:07
8 Do Evil Sakuraba 4:20
9 Moody Goddess Sakuraba 2:40
10 Highbrow Sakuraba 10:38
11 Star Ocean Forever - Jazz Ver. Sakuraba 7:10
12 Mission to the Deep Space Sakuraba 3:26
13 The Devil Incarnate Sakuraba 2:31
14 Confidence in the Domination Sakuraba 3:36
15 The True Nature of All Sakuraba 3:23
16 Moody Goddess (Another Ver.) Sakuraba 2:40

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