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Artists & Credits

Hitoshi Sakimoto Composer
w/ [person]Masaharu Iwata[/person]
Masaharu Iwata Composer
Magical Chase Soundtrack box cover
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Magical Chase Soundtrack

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Magical Chase: Soundtrack summary

How magical is the 1991 soundtrack to sidescrolling shooter Magical Case for the PC? Suprisingly magical, actually. That's thanks in no small part to the creative genius of Hitoshi "YMOH.S" Sakimoto and Masaharu "REZON" Iwata. If you like Ogre Battle and want to hear something that sounds nothing like it, give it a shot. The soundtrack is not for sale, but try googling Galbadia Hotel and you just might find something.

Magical Chase Soundtrack Track List

Track list translations: Japan

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information 
1 Azure way
2 アクマがきたりて うたうたう
3 Gizmo Dancing
4 デバッグじゃないよ。
5 コオリじゃないのよ!
6 ひゅ〜 ひゅ〜
7 Gizmo March
8 Uncle Pumpkin
9 Rampish Ohase
10 ああ、よかった・・・! そのいち
11 ラー族のセンリツによるへんそうきょく
12 めいそうのワルツ Part 1
13 めいそうのワルツ Part 2
14 ああ、よかった…! そのに
15 Termination
16 リプルのテーマ
17 Awakening
18 おちつきがないわよっ!

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