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Artists & Credits

Yuzo Koshiro Composer
Broderick Daniels Performer
Dale North Arranger
Esther Stillwell Performer
Hillary Creech Performer
Ippo Gakichan Composer
John Baker Composer
Mustin Arranger
Mustin Performer
Richard Jacques Composer
Sean Stone Arranger
Sean Stone Performer
Spence Nilsen Composer
Tatsuyuki Maeda Composer
Tim Sheehy Arranger
Tomoko Sasaki Composer
William Reyes Arranger
William Reyes Performer
Yoshitaka Azuma Composer
Yutaka Minobe Composer
The Very Best of SEGA  box cover
OneUp Studios
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The Very Best of SEGA

The Very Best of SEGA summary

As the sequel to OneUp Studios' previous impressive album Time & Space, The Very Best of SEGA has a lot to live up to. It features an interesting array of variety spread neatly out across SEGA's console history and represents a combination of nostalgia and popularity from both the OneUp team and fans of the music. It also has weaknesses, making it a learning experience for both the audience and the composers. But it's worth it - find out why in the Gamingredients review of the album.

The Very Best of SEGA Track List

All track list translations were done by staff and contributors unless otherwise stated here.

Disc 0

track number  Name extended information  Time
1 Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone 2:40
2 Sonic the Hedgehog - Final Zone 4:02
3 Shenmue - Wave Sound in the Morning Haze 3:27

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Time
1 Streets of Rage 2 - Go Straight 4:04
2 After Burner - Final Take Off 4:08
3 Sonic & Knuckles - Lava Reef 3:10
5 Super Hang-On - Outride a Crisis 3:17
6 Panzer Dragoon - Main Theme 4:51
7 Streets of Rage 2 - Slow Moon 3:41
8 Sonic CD - Sonic Boom 3:19
9 Phantasy Star III - Main Theme 3:48
10 Phantasy Star IV - The End of the Millennium 3:43
11 ToeJam & Earl - ToeJam Jammin' 4:08
12 Sonic R - Super Sonic Racing 3:42
13 Skies of Arcadia - Movement I 3:27
14 Skies of Arcadia - Movement II 1:30
15 Skies of Arcadia - Movement III 1:56

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