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Artists & Credits

Jeremy Soule Composer
Julian Soule Composer
Prey Soundtrack Vol. 1 box cover
Catalog ID

Prey Soundtrack Vol. 1

Prey Soundtrack Vol. 1 Track List

Track list translations: DirectSong

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information 
1 Prey Overture
2 Aniwyah Calling
3 Dark Harvest Begins
4 Upsdide Down
5 "Where in the Hell am I?"
6 Land of the Ancients
7 "As if Appearing from Nowhere..."
8 Cries in the Darkness
9 Back to the Ancient Land
10 Finding the Warrior Within
11 Breaching the Surface
12 Smoke and Mirrors
13 Desperate Measures
14 Battle at the Superportal
15 Primal Instincts
16 Strengthening Resolve
17 "Hundreds of Your Miles Tall"
18 Full Ascension

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