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Artists & Credits

Jeremy Soule Composer
Julian Soule Composer
Prey Soundtrack Vol. 2 box cover
Catalog ID

Prey Soundtrack Vol. 2

Prey Soundtrack Vol. 2 Track List

Track list translations: DirectSong

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information 
1 Cutting the Power
2 Survival of the Fittest
3 "You're Becoming a Nuisance"
4 Pushing Towards Fate
5 Splitting the Arrow
6 Sacred Realm Desanctified
7 The Power of the Keepers
8 Raiding the Keeper's Fortress
9 "What Lies Before You..."
10 Immortality or Oblivion
11 Redemption and Finale
12 Prey Super Trailer (Bonus Track)

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