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Artists & Credits

Motoi Sakuraba Composer
Noriyuki Iwadare Composer
Noriyuki Iwadare Arranger
tri-Ace Sound Battle Collection box cover
Square Enix
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tri-Ace Sound Battle Collection

tri-Ace Sound Battle Collection Track List

Track list translations: FF Music

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 ~Encount~ Sound Effect 0:09
2 Struggle II (Radiata Stories) Iwadare 1:53
3 For Achieve (Star Ocean) Sakuraba 1:48
4 Tense Atmosphere (Star Ocean) Sakuraba 1:37
5 Stab the Sword of Justice (Star Ocean The Second Story) Sakuraba 1:38
6 Dynamite (Star Ocean The Second Story) Sakuraba 1:45
7 Hand to Hand (Star Ocean Blue Sphere) Sakuraba 2:05
8 Like the River Styx (Star Ocean Blue Sphere) Sakuraba 1:36
9 Cutting Edge of Notion (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) Sakuraba 2:28
10 Influence Of Truth Appearance (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) Sakuraba 3:11
11 Fighting the Shadowy Gods (Valkyrie Profile) Sakuraba 1:45
12 Confidence in the Domination (Valkyrie Profile) Sakuraba 1:23
13 Powerful Enemy!! (Radiata Stories) Iwadare 2:40
14 Bonus track Sakuraba [Iwadare] 3:51

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