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Artists & Credits

Yoko Shimomura Composer
Yoko Shimomura Composer
Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version box cover
NTT Publishing
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Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version

Super Mario RPG: Original Sound Version summary

Yoko Shimomura's last soundtrack for the Super Famicom would invite her to create a musical hybrid of two classic game series. The title was Super Mario RPG, which included tracks inspired by the compositions of Nintendo game legend Koji Kondo and Final Fantasy maestro Nobuo Uematsu. Shimomura captures the essence of both these distinctive musical styles while putting together her own unique and energetic pieces. Listening to "Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure" one gets the sense that the musician came to the daunting project with ample gusto for the task. Never before has the use of a traffic whistle for a theme song been handled more ingeniously. Super Mario RPG remains a favorite among fans in no small part due to the playful spirit the composer brought to two franchises already weighted with a wealth of musical ideas.

Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version Track List

All track list translations were done by staff and contributors unless otherwise stated here.

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information 
1 A Fun Adventure, a Happy Adventure
2 Let's Try
3 In the Flower Garden
4 Koopa Castle (Part One)
5 Battle vs. Koopa
6 The Sword Falls and the Stars Scatter
7 Super Pipe House
8 Where Are You Going?
9 The Journey Is Fraught with Danger
10 Battle vs. Monsters
11 Victory!!
12 Hello, Happy Kingdom
13 Explain!
14 New Ally
15 The Journey Is Still Fraught with Danger
16 Star in Good Spirits
17 Battle vs. a Slightly Stronger Monster
18 The Weapons Have Shown Up!
19 Battle vs. a Weapon Boss
20 Obtaining a Star Piece
21 The Dungeon Is Teeming with Monsters
22 Let's Take the Wine River
23 Grandpa and His Happy Tadpoles
24 Shock!
25 Sad Song
26 Hey, Let's Play Make-Believe with Geno
27 Geno's Awakening
28 Beware the Mushrooms in the Forest
29 Rose Town
30 Greetings from the Drain Pipe
31 Welcome! Yoster Island!!
32 Let's Race!
33 A Hard-Working Mole Is a Good Mole
34 Docaty Mountain Railroad
35 Welcome to Bukki's Tower
36 And My Name Is Bukki
37 Long Long Ago...
38 Chotto Doki Doki!
39 Road Up the Hill

Disc 2

track number  Name extended information 
1 The Merry Marriage Bells Ring
2 Festive Melody
3 On the Hill, the Starlight Blooms
4 Sunken Ship
5 For Your Shopping Needs, Come to Ripple Town
6 Our Haven - Monstro
7 Battle vs. Crystallar
8 Victory in the Battle vs. Crystallar
9 Conversation with Crystallar
10 Toadofsky Composing with You - Symphony Time
11 Lighten Up!
12 Margarie Margarita
13 Here Comes Dodo!!
14 Barrel Volcano
15 Axe Rangers Dropping By
16 Koopa Castle (Part Two)
17 Weapons Factory
18 Battle vs. Smithy
19 Battle vs. a Shapeshift-Happy Smithy
20 Goodbye, Geno... - A Dream from the Window to the Stars
21 A Fun Parade, a Happy Parade - The Parade Has Come to an End...
22 The... End!

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