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Artists & Credits

Kazumi Mitome Arranger
Yasunori Mitsuda Composer
Yasunori Mitsuda Arranger
Eri Kawai Arranger
Koko Komine Arranger
Tomohiko Kira Arranger
Masato Kato Lyrics
Masato Kato Hurdy Gurdy
Tetsuya Takahashi Lyrics
Yasunori Mitsuda Keyboards, programming
Yasunori Mitsuda Original Japanese lyrics
Yasunori Mitsuda Album mastering
Akihisa Tsuboy Violin, electric violin, cello
Czech Philharmonic Children's Choir Choir vocals
Czech Philharmonic Collegium Musical performance
Davy Spillane Low whistle & uilleann pipes
Eimear Quinn Vocals and choir vocals
Eri Kawai Vocals & piano
Gen Ittetsu Strings String performance
HATA Acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Hidenobu Otsuki Arranger
Hidenobu Otsuki Drums & percussion
Hitoshi Watanabe Fretless bass, electric bass, electric upright bass, acoustic bass
Jiri Chvala Choir conductor
Joanne Hogg Vocals
Junko Kudo Lyrics
Kinya Sogawa Shinobue
Koko Komine Vocals
Laoise Kelly Celtic harp
Maire Breatnach Fiddle
Maria Kalaniemi Accordion
Mario Klemens Conductor
Masato Koda Lyrics
Noriko Mitose Vocals
Noriko Mitose Lyrics
Tamao Fujii Castanet, sleigh bells, one shot shaker, wind chimes
Tamie Hirose Vocals
Tetsuko Honma Vocals
Tomohiko Kira Bouzouki, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12-stringed guitar
Yasuharu Nakanishi Piano
Colours of Light Yasunori Mitsuda Vocal Collection box cover
Sleigh Bells
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Colours of Light Yasunori Mitsuda Vocal Collection

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Colours of Light Yasunori Mitsuda Vocal Collection Track List

Track list translations: VGMdb

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Sailing to the World Mitsuda & Komine [Mitsuda, Kira & Komine] (Komine, Kira, Tsuboy, Mitsuda) 3:33
2 Promise with Winds ~ Petals' Whereabouts Mitsuda & Kudo [Mitsuda & Kawai] (Kawai, Kira, Watanabe, Otsuki, Mitsuda) 4:51
3 Time's Arm Mitsuda & Kato [Mitsuda] (Klemens, Chvala, Czech Philharmonic Collegium & Czech Philharmonic Children's Choir) 2:08
4 Pain Mitsuda & Takahashi [Mitsuda] (Hogg, Spillane, Kira, Nakanishi, Watanabe, Otsuki, Mitsuda & Gen Ittetsu Strings) 5:38
5 Creid Mitsuda [Mitsuda & Otsuki] (Quinn, Spillane, Watanabe, Kelly & Otsuki) 4:43
6 Stairs of Light Mitsuda & Kudo [Mitsuda & Otsuki] (Honma, Kalaniemi, Breatnach, Sogawa, HATA, Watanabe, Fujii & Otsuki) 3:48
7 Kokoro Mitsuda & Takahashi [Mitsuda] (Hogg, Spillane, Kira, Nakanishi, Watanabe, Otsuki & Mitsuda) 5:40
8 - Ring - Mitsuda & Kawai [Mitsuda] (Kawai, Komine & Hirose) 1:13
9 Silver Leica Mitsuda & Kudo [Mitsuda & Mitome] (Mitose & Mitsuda) 7:01
10 Stars of Tears ~Gently Stars Are Raining Down~ Mitsuda & Koda [Mitsuda] (Hogg, Spillane, Watanabe, HATA, Otsuki & Mitsuda) 3:01
11 Spring Lullaby Mitsuda & Kudo [Mitsuda & Otsuki] (Honma, Quinn, Kalaniemi, Breatnach, HATA, Watanabe, Fujii & Otsuki] 5:33
12 Small Two of Pieces ~Creaking Fragments~ Mitsuda & Kato [Mitsuda] (Hogg, Spillane, O'Farrell, Watanabe, HATA, Otsuki & Mitsuda] 6:23
13 Reincarnation Mitsuda & Komine [Mitsuda, Kira & Komine] (Komine, Kira, Tsuboy & Mitsuda) 5:21
14 The Name of Our Hope Mitsuda & Kudo [Mitsuda & Kawai] (Kawai, Kira, Watanabe, Otsuki, Fujii, Sogawa, Kato & Mitsuda) 4:55
15 Radical Dreamers ~The Jewel That Cannot Be Stolen~ Mitsuda & Mitose [Mitsuda] (Mitose & Kira) 4:36

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