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Artists & Credits

Koji Kondo Composer
with Mahito Yokota
Mahito Yokota Composer
with Koji Kondo
Mahito Yokota Arranger
Orchestral arrangements
Mario Galaxy Orchestra Performance
Super Mario Galaxy Original Sound Track box cover
Club Nintendo
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Super Mario Galaxy Original Sound Track

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Super Mario Galaxy Original Sound Track

One of the most dexterous soundtracks to emerge from the Nintendo assembly line in recent memory is none other than this rich, versatile offering from veteran Koji Kondo and relative newcomer Mahito Yokota. The sweeping display of orchestrated opulence is reminiscent of past Mario titles complimented with a sometimes organic feel (reminiscent of Pikmin) with hints of John Williams' works on Star Wars (for much of the "imperial" motifs used for Bowser and his space legion), among several cosmic influences. It fits Super Mario Galaxy's mold perfectly, and does nothing less than enhance an already nearly-pristine gaming experience.

Notes & Factoids
  • Originally made available exclusively in Japan to Club Nintendo members (lucky recipients of [b]all[/b] the nice Nintendo swag), but is available at some specialty retailers such as [url=]Play-Asia[/url].

  • Composer/Arranger [person]Mahito Yokota[/person] originally wanted a Latin flavor to accompany [i]Super Mario Galaxy[/i], but his suggestion was overridden by [person]Koji Kondo[/person] and an orchestral sound was instead used. However, some Latin-sounding tracks (such as [i]Grass Beach[/i]) have ended up in the soundtrack nonetheless.

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Super Mario Galaxy Original Sound Track Track List

Track list translations: VGMdb
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Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Overture Yokota 1:23
2 Starbit Festival Yokota 1:29
3 Attack! Koopa's Fleet   1:19
4 Catastrophe Yokota 0:54
5 Peach's Castle is Stolen Yokota 0:32
6 Into the Galaxy Yokota 1:25
7 Egg Planet Kondo 2:41
8 Rosetta's Comet Observatory 1 Kondo 2:27
9 Honeybee Kingdom Yokota 2:37
10 Stardust Road Yokota 3:21
11 Battlerock Yokota 3:20
12 Grass Beach Yokota 2:21
13 Rosetta's Comet Observatory 2 Kondo 2:24
14 Koopa Jr. Appears Yokota 2:54
15 Teresa Waltz Yokota 2:52
16 Floater Land Yokota 3:11
17 Wind Garden Yokota 3:44
18 Rosetta's Comet Observatory 3 Kondo 2:44
19 Nemesis King Koopa Yokota 3:14
20 Hell Prominence Yokota 4:08
21 Galaxy Plant Yokota 2:27
22 Battle for the Grand Star Yokota 2:25
23 Dawn ~A New Morning~ Yokota 0:56
24 Birth Yokota 1:56
25 Super Mario Galaxy Yokota 4:03
26 Purple Comet Yokota 3:02
27 Blue Sky Athletics   1:10
28 Super Mario 2007   2:19

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