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Artists & Credits

Jeremy Soule Composer
Jeremy Soule Arranger
Jeremy Soule Performer
Julian Soule Performer
Secret of Evermore The Complete Soundtrack from the Video Game box cover
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Secret of Evermore The Complete Soundtrack from the Video Game

Secret of Evermore: The Complete Soundtrack from the Video Game summary

Jeremy Soule, composer of Icewind Dale and Elder Scrolls III, was a fan of video games from a young age, and felt that the scores in most games lacked drama and intensity. After completing high school, he created an experimental demo reel, showcasing what he felt video game scores were missing. This led to his being hired by Squaresoft and was promptly given the task of composing music for Secret of Evermore. The soundtrack differs from previous 16-bit era games, incorporating organic sounds like blowing wind and rain falling rain, and is considered by many fans to be a pioneering work of game music.

Notes & Factoids

Secret of Evermore The Complete Soundtrack from the Video Game Track List

Track list translations: FF Music

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Time
1 10 Print "Hello World" (Orchestrated) 1:51
2 Variations of Castle Theme (Orchestrated) 3:18
3 The Secret of Evermore (Orchestrated) 5:30
4 Ancient World (Orchestrated) 1:56
5 Ancient World (Orchestrated) 2:28
6 Pirate Theme (Orchestrated) 1:17
7 Ocean Theme (Orchestrated) 1:16
8 Merchant Theme (Orchestrated) 1:18
9 The Queens 2:00
10 Flying 2:52
11 Greek Temple 2:41
12 The Scientist 1:02
13 Introduction 1:38
14 Puppet Song 1:10
15 Mini Boss 0:56
16 Greek Temple II 2:01
17 Cecil's Town 1:03
18 Over the Waterfall 0:21
19 The Rat's Chamber 1:17
20 White Castle Town 3:10
21 Quick Sand Field 0:54
22 Dark Castle 2:30
23 The Tinkerer 1:27
24 White Castle 1:28
25 Freak Show 2:25
26 Dog Maze 2:15
27 Final Boss Music 2:00
28 Ending Music 1:14
29 The Return 1:23

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