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Artists & Credits

Hidenori Iwasaki Composer, Arranger
With Ryo Yamazaki, Yoko Shimomura, & Noriko Matsueda
Hayato Matsuo Composer
Kumi Tanioka Performer, Piano
Performs piano on track 21, "Fear"
Noriko Matsueda Composer
Riow Arai Composer
Album contains a remix of Front Mission Alternative track "Airport" arranged by P
Ryo Yamazaki Composer, Arranger
Tsuyoshi Sekito Arranger
Yoko Shimomura Composer
Front Mission Online Original Soundtrack box cover
Square Enix
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Front Mission Online Original Soundtrack

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Front Mission Online: Original Soundtrack summary

A brilliant gem of a soundtrack, Front Mission Online features past favorites from the Front Mission oeuvre arranged by Square composers Hidenori Iwasaki and Tsuyoshi Sekito. Revamping classic tunes from Super Famicom and Playstation era games, the new arrangements distill the gritty techno spirit that composers like Noriko Matsueda, Yoko Shimomura, and Riow Arai canonized. With 35 nearly flawless tracks crammed into a single CD soundtrack, this pithy little OST forthrightly proclaims itself vintage Squaresoft material.

Front Mission Online Original Soundtrack Track List

Track list translations: Square Enix Music, Nephtis

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 Unsung Heroes Iwasaki
2 Break Free Iwasaki
3 Military Government Matsueda (Iwasaki)
4 City of Dorgandy Matsueda (Iwasaki)
5 Airport Arai (Iwasaki)
6 Destinations Iwasaki
7 Advanced Guard Shimomura (Iwasaki)
8 Break Free II Iwasaki
9 Win Back Shimomura (Iwasaki)
10 Edge Iwasaki
11 Terrible Density Matsueda (Iwasaki)
12 Arena Matsueda (Iwasaki)
13 On the March Iwasaki
14 Aggression Matsuo (Iwasaki)
15 Manifold Irons Shimomura (Iwasaki)
16 Assault Matsueda (Iwasaki)
17 Shadow Weaving Iwasaki
18 Chain of Command Iwasaki
19 Tension Matsueda (Iwasaki)
20 Room Iwasaki
21 Fear Iwasaki
22 Dark Flames Iwasaki
23 Strategies Iwasaki
24 Force Stall Matsueda (Iwasaki)
25 Hostiles Iwasaki
26 All-Out War Yamazaki
27 The Evils of War Shimomura (Iwasaki)
28 Player Battle (Normal) Matsueda (Iwasaki)
29 Player Battle (Heavy) Matsueda (Sekito)
30 In the Name of Honor Yamazaki
31 Madness Matsueda (Sekito)
32 Level Up Matsueda (Iwasaki)
33 More and More Shimomura (Sekito)
34 Silent Rain Iwasaki
35 End of All Aggressions Iwasaki

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