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Artists & Credits

Masayoshi Soken Arranger
Tsuyoshi Sekito Composer
w/ P, P, and P
Junya Nakano Arranger
Kenji Ito Composer
Kenji Ito Arranger
Masayoshi Soken Composer
Tsuyoshi Sekito Arranger
Ryuichi Sakamoto Composer
Seiken Densetsu 4 Original Soundtrack -Sanctuary- box cover
Square Enix
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Seiken Densetsu 4 Original Soundtrack -Sanctuary-

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Seiken Densetsu 4 Original Soundtrack -Sanctuary- Track List

All track list translations were done by staff and contributors unless otherwise stated here.

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 Dawn of Mana −opening theme Ryuichi Sakamoto
2 Prologue ~Mana, the Earth and the Spirits~ Kenji Ito
3 Rising Sun Kenji Ito
4 Mana's Tale Kenji Ito
5 Pastoral Melody Kenji Ito
6 Pack of Ice Wolves Ver.1 Tsuyoshi Sekito
7 The Beast God's Labyrinth Tsuyoshi Sekito
8 A Silent Drop Kenji Ito
9 Seed of the Giant Tree Tsuyoshi Sekito
10 Dark Shrine Kenji Ito
11 Emerald Shine Tsuyoshi Sekito
12 Burning Spirits Kenji Ito
13 Echo of Darkness Tsuyoshi Sekito
14 Unknown Light Kenji Ito
15 Stroud Ver.1 Tsuyoshi Sekito
16 Pack of Ice Wolves Ver.2 Tsuyoshi Sekito
17 Reminiscence Kenji Ito
18 A Mysterious Forest Kenji Ito
19 Shadow of the Vine Tsuyoshi Sekito
20 Feelings Not Forgotten Kenji Ito
21 Mask of Corruption Kenji Ito
22 A Last Hope Kenji Ito
23 Goblin's Beat Kenji Ito
24 The Lost Ones Tremble Kenji Ito
25 Green Whirlpool Kenji Ito
26 Red Wyvern Tsuyoshi Sekito
27 Stroud Ver.2 Tsuyoshi Sekito
28 Guardian Holy Beast Flammie Ver.1 Hiroki Kikuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito
29 Guardian Holy Beast Flammie Ver.2 Hiroki Kikuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito

Disc 2

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 The Deep Blue Kenji Ito
2 Seeking the Light Kenji Ito
3 Evil Memories Kenji Ito
4 Blood Feud Tsuyoshi Sekito
5 Impact of the Darkness Tsuyoshi Sekito
6 A Terrible Premonition Tsuyoshi Sekito
7 Pack of the Ice Wolves II Tsuyoshi Sekito
8 Echo of Darkness Ver.2 Tsuyoshi Sekito
9 The Dark Crystal Tsuyoshi Sekito
10 Stroud Ver.2 Tsuyoshi Sekito
11 Karen Kenji Ito
12 A Prelude to Despair Kenji Ito
13 Rondo of Sand Kenji Ito
14 The Peak of Twilight Kenji Ito
15 Death Sally Battle Tsuyoshi Sekito
16 Compensation of Fate Kenji Ito
17 Grief and Hope Tsuyoshi Sekito
18 An Unbreakable Heart Kenji Ito
19 A Wandering Heart Kenji Ito
20 Temptation Kenji Ito
21 Old and Distant Memories Kenji Ito
22 No Turning Back Kenji Ito
23 The Fool's Dance Kenji Ito
24 The Truth Behind the Mask Kenji Ito
25 Renewed Determination Kenji Ito

Disc 3

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 Roar of the Iron Clump Kenji Ito
2 To Where Mana Exists Kenji Ito
3 Skyrocket to Victory Tsuyoshi Sekito
4 Endless Melee Kenji Ito
5 Godless Golem Tsuyoshi Sekito
6 Pack of the Ice Wolves Ver.3 Tsuyoshi Sekito
7 Desperate Line Hiroki Kikuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito
8 Dark Palace Tsuyoshi Sekito
9 Dark King Tsuyoshi Sekito
10 Desperate Fight Tsuyoshi Sekito
11 Echo of Darkness Ver.3 Tsuyoshi Sekito
12 Den of Thieves Tsuyoshi Sekito
13 The Stage of Ruin Tsuyoshi Sekito
14 Illusions Kenji Ito
15 The Final Decisive Battle Kenji Ito
16 Eternal Parting Kenji Ito
17 Birth of the Goddess ~The Beginning of a New World~ Kenji Ito
18 The Endless Dream Kenji Ito
19 A Legend Forever Kenji Ito
20 320 Epilogue ~The Continuing Future~ Kenji Ito
21 Traces Kenji Ito
22 Hiroki Kikuta is better than Kenji Ito Kenji Ito

Disc 4

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 Pop,pop,pop Kenji Ito
2 March,march,march Masayoshi Soken
3 Rush,rush,rush Masayoshi Soken
4 Shout,shout,shout Kenji Ito
5 Endless Battlefield Kenji Ito
6 Eternal Plains Kenji Ito
7 The Child of the Sprite Tribe Hiroki Kikuta, Masayoshi Soken
8 Splash Hop Hiroki Kikuta, Junya Nakano
9 Weird Counterpoint Hiroki Kikuta, Junya Nakano
10 Don't Hurt the Fairy Hiroki Kikuta, Masayoshi Soken
11 Meridian Worship Hiroki Kikuta, Masayoshi Soken
12 The Darkness Nova Yoko Shimomura, Masayoshi Soken
13 Dwarf Theme Kenji Ito
14 Irwin on Reflection Yoko Shimomura, Masayoshi Soken
15 Endless Battlefield Kenji Ito
16 Eternal Plains Kenji Ito
17 The Child of the Sprite Tribe -Hurry Up Ver.- Hiroki Kikuta, Masayoshi Soken
18 Splash Hop −Hurry Up Ver.− Hiroki Kikuta, Masayoshi Soken
19 Weird Counterpoint −Hurry Up Ver.− Hiroki Kikuta, Masayoshi Soken
20 Don't Hunt the Fairy −Hurry Up Ver.− Hiroki Kikuta, Masayoshi Soken
21 Meridian Worship -Hurry Up Ver.- Hiroki Kikuta, Masayoshi Soken
22 The Darkness Nova −Hurry Up Ver.− Kenji Ito
23 Irwin On Reflection −Hurry Up Ver.− Yoko Shimomura, Masayoshi Soken
24 Dwarves' Theme -Hurry Up Ver.- Yoko Shimomura, Masayoshi Soken
25 Gentle Eyelids Masayoshi Soken
26 Morning Light Horn Masayoshi Soken
27 Stand on the Front Lines Masayoshi Soken
28 Hurry Up! Masayoshi Soken
29 Yes! That's Far Enough! Masayoshi Soken
30 Challenge Arena Fanfare Masayoshi Soken
31 A Big Victory Masayoshi Soken

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