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Artists & Credits

Koichi Sugiyama Composer
Koichi Sugiyama Arranger
Hiroki Kikuta Composer
Hajime Hirasawa Composer
Keiichi Suzuki Composer
Kenichiro Morioka Arranger
Kohei Tanaka Composer, arranger, performer
Kosuke Onozaki Arranger, performer
Naoki Kodoka Composer, arranger
Nariaki Saigusa Composer
Nobuo Kurita Arranger
Seiko Sato Composer
Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra Performance
Toshihiko Sabashi Arranger
Tsutomu Shimizu Composer
Yoko Kanno Composer, arranger, performer
Yuka Tsujiyoko Composer
Orchestral Game Concert 3  box cover
Sony Records
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Orchestral Game Concert 3

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Orchestral Game Concert 3 Track List

All track list translations were done by staff and contributors unless otherwise stated here.

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Theme of Star Fox Hirasawa (composition), Onozaki (arrangement, conduction) 4:48
2 God's Young Sage Tsujiyoko (composition), Onozaki (arrangement, conduction) 3:48
3 Looking Towards the Islands of Dreams Kondo, Hamano, Ishikawa (composition), Kurita (arrangement, conduction) 3:46
4 Because I Love You Suzuki (composition), Kurita (arrangement, conduction) 3:21
5 Torneko's Theme Sugiyama 4:07
6 And Here's a Little Waltz Sugiyama 3:36
7 The Legendary Warriors Sato, Shimizu (composition), Sahashi (arrangement), Onozaki (conduction) 4:08
8 Almighty Boss Devil is Challenged Sugiyama 4:24
9 Divertimento 'Hanjuku Hero' from the Fourth Movement Sugiyama 5:33
10 Fear of Angels Kikuta (composition), Kurita (arrangement, conduction) 3:11
11 Introduction ~ Defeated Army ~ The Morning Bell Kanno 8:56
12 Naskuot Tanaka 3:41
13 Theme of Albert Odyssey Kodaka (composition), Onozaki (arrangement, conduction) 4:04
14 God's People Kodaka (composition, arrangement), Onozaki (conduction) 4:40
15 Kabuki's Theme ~ And in Retrospect Tanaka 4:58
16 Eruru's Song ~ Ending Saegusa (composition), Morioka (arrangement, conduction) 6:03

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