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Artists & Credits

Riow Arai Composer
Riow Arai Arranger
Front Mission Alternative  box cover
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Front Mission Alternative

Front Mission Alternative summary

The soundtrack to Front Mission Alternative by Japanese musician Riow Arai blends various genres into a distinctive alternative techno score. Musical categories as disparate as jazz, breakbeat, and fusion can be discerned in the sixteen ambiant, atmospheric tracks. One of the most innovative of the Front Mission albums, it retains a distinctive identity and has been reprinted years after its initial publication.

Notes & Factoids

Front Mission Alternative Track List

Track list translations: FF Music

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Opening Riow Arai 2:05
2 Sandtown Riow Arai 5:32
3 Jungle Riow Arai 7:10
4 Woods Riow Arai 6:49
5 Rock Riow Arai 6:49
6 Beach Riow Arai 8:06
7 Port Riow Arai 4:51
8 Night Riow Arai 2:25
9 Town 01 Riow Arai 3:49
10 Town 02 Riow Arai 4:20
11 Desert Riow Arai 3:17
12 Bonus Riow Arai 4:22
13 Airport Riow Arai 3:30
14 Defeat Riow Arai 3:17
15 Under Riow Arai 3:29
16 Ending Riow Arai 3:24

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